About Us

Black Friday was created in 2014 by a collective of authors, organizers and set designers coming from different Italian larp teams.
Now, we feel it's time for an international run.

Black Friday was born of an ambitious project to create an Italian larp blockbuster: a high-budget event, revolutionary in narrative, props, and set design, as well as setting an unprecedented example of collaboration between creative people from the most innovative teams in the Italian larping scene.

Black Friday was written and produced by a collective of authors, organizers and set designers coming from different larp teams: Terre Spezzate, Chaos League, Cronosfera, iVdM, CINR, oLMo and a handful of experienced freelancers. It was born of diverse ideas, competences and creative traditions, brought together by passion and the desire to join forces to produce something truly extraordinary.

It was originally played in Italian in two runs in November, 2014 and it received widespread acclaim by its 140 players. Now, we feel it's time to present it to international players in an English-language run.

An article by Lorenzo Trenti about the Italian runs of Black Friday: “In this larp we didn’t have restrictions. We just wanted to organize the coolest larp ever played in Italy. At least, that’s what I wanted”.

In the past few years, the creators of Black Friday have given life to several larp events, varied in genre and setting, such as:

  • Aladino AmantiniTerre Spezzate
  • Alberta AvanziTerre Spezzate / CINR
    Set design
  • Alessandro GiovannucciChaos League
  • Arianna BustiTerre Spezzate
  • Chiara TirabassoTerre Spezzate
    Production - Writing
  • Daniele DagnaTerre Spezzate
  • Elena CaovillaTerre Spezzate
    Set design
  • Fabio BraccioliniTerre Spezzate
  • Francesco PregliascoTerre Spezzate
  • Lorenzo GiannottiCronosfera
  • Lorenzo NicolosiTerre Spezzate / CINR
    Set design
  • Marco BielliTerre Spezzate
  • Luca TenagliaiVdM
    Web design - Set design
  • Marco Ascanio ViarigiTerre Spezzate
    Set design
  • Mario Di Cintioworks with several larp groups
    Writing, translation
  • Michele PupoLarp Symposium
  • Simone RonchiniMaker of larp gear
    Set design
  • Pierpaolo VittoriaTerre Spezzate
    Translation, communication with players
  • Additional translationElena Menietti, Stefano Kewan Lee, Roberta Musso, Matteo Verzeletti, Daniela Camba, Arianna Zanini, Paola Tigrino, Matteo Giannangeli, Francesco de Gasperin, Bernardo Chiti, Silvia Brunati, Giorgio Capone, Sonia Solci, Desirée Bua, Andrea Schiavi
  • Language consultantsJohn Shockley, Mo Holkar, Marie Weston
  • Voice and video castElge Larsson, David Simkins, Elouise Oyzon