Black Friday is set in nowadays United States of America. A contemporary setting does not imply that we are going to live a regular story of every-day lives, on the contrary we are going to be transported in the U.S. depicted in movies and tv series, where plot twists and special effects are ordinary.

This “movie-like America” is a Nation in which political intrigue and compromise slither into the heart of the Country. There are many powers at play: sometimes they work towards the same goals, other times they are in contrast, but they always keep to their own interests, even at the expenses of the People and their freedom.

In this Country huge cities, where opinions are streamed by mass-media and status-symbols, coexist with smaller, anonymous, communities. Communities where time seems to flow slowly, which look like they are untouched by globalization and progress. These are places where the people's welfare is everything, where one can breathe true liberty and patriotism; values which are the pillars of America and bring people closer in troubled times.

Liberty Town, Wyoming, is one of such communities. The economic backbone of this huge State consists of livestock farming and mining. A place of immense natural landscapes outlined by untamed mountains and roaring rivers, savage wilderness which might well be the painting of an untainted dream. This very primitive nature has at the same time limited population growth and economic development. Wyoming is the Federal State with the fewest inhabitants, cities are sparse, almost unconnected, and information travels slowly.

This remote, almost forgotten State, where mountains and rivers still have their Native American names, where villagers can be quite narrow minded and where death penalty is still applied, is going to be the background of events which will change everyone's lives.

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